Looking for a quick price?

Not a much of a people person?

Whatever your reason, use our full online booking service to get scheduled in 3 easy steps!

Step one: You grab some quick measurements!

Take some rough measurements, in linear feet, of the areas (roofline, peaks, ridges, etc.) you’d like covered. Some areas, such as peaks and ridges, may be tricky to measure. Do your best to get an accurate measurement, but we won’t worry about a few feet lost here or there.
Enter your measurements and specify the areas you want covered.

Step 2: We’ll verify the price!

Our lighting professionals will cross reference your measurements with satellite images using google earth. If the distance your verifier gets is within 20ft of your measurements, you’re all set! You'll have a response within 1-2 business days, sometimes sooner. We’ll send you a confirmation email, you select your products, and we will put you on our schedule.

Step 3: Choose your lights!

Customize, customize, customize. Create your dream display with our vast color and pattern options. Once you've chosen your lights you'll be asked to put a card on file and you'll be on your way to spread some Christmas cheer. Click below to get started!

"Our work and our people are not about short-term individual gain; we’re all about  long-term affect on the community."


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