Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

People will spend anywhere from $300-$1200 on a new Christmas light install, which depends on several factors (size of home, desired coverage, number of trees, level of customization, etc.)

What areas do you service?

Holiday Lights was founded in Layton, UT and is still based out of the area today. We service anywhere from Draper and Riverdale to Ogden and Pleasant View, Utah.

Do I have to be there?

Not necessarily! In order to be as convenient as possible for everyone, we schedule all our jobs in advance and will install your lights, with your permission, whether you’re there or not. We’ll generally notify you 24-72 hours prior to our arrival through email. You’ll also be notified when the job is complete at which time, you’ll receive an invoice as well. For any special scheduling requests there is a $50 scheduling fee.

Do you do commercial sites?

Yes! We have experience with several commercial clients, from shopping centers to restaurant buildings. We’ll do any job big or small!

Do you take the lights down?

Yes, Christmas light removal is built into our install service! We’ll usually come out as soon the icicles melt away. We begin scheduling takedowns towards the end of January and into February.

Will you store my lights?

We offer year-round storage for every strand we install!

Do you do trees?

Of course! Each tree in your yard is an opportunity for a little extra holiday cheer! We will light every tree in your yard as heavy or light as you want.

Are there extra fees?

In order to maintain trust between us and our people, we like to be as transparent as possible. There are only two fees built into the cost of the overall total.
A $50 takedown fee
A $20 storage fee
Most of our people will find these fees removed however, when they sign up for a second year.

How late in the season do you work? When do you start?

Our season starts as early as October 1st and goes as far as December 15th depending on weather conditions.

Will my lights be warrantied?

Absolutely. A little trust goes a long way. That’s why we offer full warranty on any lights purchased through Holiday Lights. If it’s on us, we’ll fix it. No arguments.

Do you offer incandescent lights?

We do not offer any incandescent lights. Incandescent lights are higher risk, higher consumption, and break much more frequently. We offer completely customizable LED lights. See the ‘Our Products’ page for more information on our amazing offers.

When will I be billed?

As soon as the install is complete, you’ll receive an invoice within 1-3 business days.

"Our work and our people are not about short-term individual gain; we’re all about  long-term affect on the community."


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