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“When I think of decorating every house on the block, I’m thinking of the look on kids’ faces when they drive down a street like that; how it felt when I was a kid driving with my family down streets like that” 

Our work here is all about the experience. We’re looking to change the way people think of the service industry, starting with Christmas lights. No more complex negotiations and difficult contractors. Everything we do revolves around simplicity, people, and trust in those people. 


We start with our website. We offer a full online booking system that gives our people the ability to tell us exactly what they want and get an estimate as soon as they’re ready. We then verify measurements and adjust as needed. Once you’ve selected product and confirmed price, we’ll get you on our schedule! We’ll show up in clean, professional attire, install your lights as quick as possible, and be out of your hair (you don’t even have to be there)! You’ll then get your invoice emailed or in person and, depending on your choice, we’ll take your lights until next year or you’ll find them on your porch! We try to be as available as possible for our people. You shouldn’t have to call around to a dozen companies trying to find one that services you with quality and care. We service anywhere from Draper to Pleasant View and anytime from October 1st to December 15th (pending snowfall), Monday-Saturday.


A little trust goes a long way. That’s why we offer full warranty on any lights purchased through Holiday Lights. If it’s on us, we’ll fix it. No arguments. It’s also why you won’t find any kind of price markup on any of our products. Most contractors won’t say it, but you’ll generally find a price markup anywhere from 5-20%. With Holiday Lights, you pay what we pay. It’s as simple as that.

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"Our work and our people are not about short-term individual gain; we’re all about  long-term affect on the community."


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