We like to describe culture before anything else. We believe it is our responsibility to service PEOPLE. It’s why our employees are paid no less than fifteen an hour. It’s why we have no price markup on any of our products. And it’s why we put our greatest efforts into ensuring high quality on all levels. When you bring on the Holiday Lights team you become part of our family, our people. We make it our mission to treat our people right. We don't believe in short-term individual gain; we’re all about our long-term affect on the community.

Who we are

Holiday Lights is a professional Christmas light installation service. Our work here is all about the experience. We’re looking to change the way people think of the service industry

What we do

We perform high quality LED installations. Here at Holiday Lights quality is one of our top priorities. We want to make sure you have the best

How we do it 

We try to be as easy to work with contractors as possible, and we know everyone has questions. Maybe we’ve already answered yours... 

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We need your help! If you were satisfied with our service, help us spread the holiday cheer by referring a friend. Our referral program gives every one of our people the chance to save a bit of money this holiday season. Click below to view our referrals page!

"Our work and our people are not about short-term individual gain; we’re all about  long-term affect on the community."


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